Hello everyone....dellArte brings amazing gift packs offer with variety of options. Why not we come out from our old fashion ideas about wedding/Birthday/Anniversary or any sort of ceremony gifts!! Hope you all will like our value added package in presenting your nearest and dearest ones!! Living healthy and happy Life

Chandelier Collections

Modern Chandelier/610-3
BDT 4,999.0
Modern Chandelier/610-5
BDT 6,999.0
Double Height Hanging/LD 37-4
BDT 15,500.0 BDT 11,500.0
Modern Chandelier/15082-6
BDT 16,500.0 BDT 11,500.0
Ceiling Chandelier/8217
BDT 17,500.0 BDT 14,000.0
Ceiling Chandelier/8012
BDT 17,500.0 BDT 15,000.0
Hanging Chandelier/8267
BDT 16,500.0
Hanging Chandelier/8102
BDT 17,499.0 BDT 14,000.0
Modern Chandelier/ 1001-5S
BDT 6,500.0
Modern Chandelier/ 1001-3A
BDT 7,500.0 BDT 5,500.0
Modern Chandelier/ 1001-6A
BDT 7,500.0 BDT 6,000.0
BDT 9,499.0
BDT 8,499.0