Hello everyone....dellArte brings amazing gift packs offer with variety of options. Why not we come out from our old fashion ideas about wedding/Birthday/Anniversary or any sort of ceremony gifts!! Hope you all will like our value added package in presenting your nearest and dearest ones!! Living healthy and happy Life

Decoration Showpiece & Wall Shelves

Wall Vase/HC05
BDT 2,050.0
Wall Vase/HC16
BDT 2,150.0
Wall Vase/HC09
BDT 2,550.0
Sand Clock/Small
BDT 1,250.0
Sand Clock/Medium
BDT 1,450.0
Sand Clock/Large
BDT 1,650.0
Candle Stand/60729
BDT 3,350.0 BDT 3,185.0
Candle Stand/AB0001
BDT 3,350.0
Metal Glass Holder/42495
BDT 7,150.0 BDT 6,075.0
Cake Stand/88038
BDT 2,050.0 BDT 1,450.0
Metal Shelf/88015
BDT 1,265.0 BDT 1,050.0
Metal Shelf/1805
BDT 1,775.0 BDT 1,550.0
Metal Shelf/17011
BDT 1,950.0 BDT 1,500.0
Metal Shelf/3060
BDT 1,860.0 BDT 1,500.0
Metal Shelf/3011
BDT 1,850.0 BDT 1,550.0
Metal Shelf/3050
BDT 1,850.0 BDT 1,500.0
Metal Shelf/10152
BDT 1,650.0 BDT 1,250.0
Metal Plant Rack/BS6091
BDT 2,150.0 BDT 1,650.0